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images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas

Footnote GSC provided the example of a neighbourhood where youth, including girls, were killed for not wanting to sell drugs. People migrate to the cities in search of stable economic livelihoods; however, since there are not enough opportunities available in the larger cities, nor are there options in agricultural development in rural areas, many of them end up taking the migratory route. State Protection 4. The mission learned that the Protection Working Group includes nine UN agencies and 17 NGOs who work together in order to: strengthen national protection mechanisms on forced displacement; ensure the safety of humanitarian personnel; share information on protection-related issues and; carry out advocacy on protection-related issues. Footnote Other sources further indicated that investigations carried out by state authorities are not effective. Casa Alianza Covenant House Casa Alianza is an international NGO that provides assistance to vulnerable children, including those at risk of being recruited by gangs and homeless youth. Footnote 97 According to InSight Crime, it is difficult to establish who is a gang member and who is a collaborator, as the line that divides both roles is not clear. Ayestas in Tegucigalpa on 7 April Footnote The mission learned that a key requirement to access the shelter in San Pedro Sula is that a domestic violence complaint is filed.

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  • Criminal Allegations Unravel Honduras President’s Crime Fighting Facade

    Head negotiator for the Inter-American Committee for Integral Development, Juridical and Political Affairs among other Inter-American Committees. Head negotiator for the Inter-American Committee for Integral Development, Juridical and Political Affairs among other Inter-American Committees. View Juan Carlos Montoya's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Deputy Chief of Mission for the Honduras Government to the Permanent Mission to Chair for the negotiations of the 39th OAS General Assembly.

    images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas

    C. Children · Civil Registry · Civil Society · Contact Us · Culture · Cyber Security. State: Honduras.

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    Permanent Mission; Government Officials; Office in the Member State; Other H.E. Luis Fernando CORDERO MONTOYA E-mail: [email protected] President (Presidente): His Excellency Juan Orlando HERNÁNDEZ.
    Footnote The mission also learned that gangs have communication networks inside state institutions.

    Footnote There have also been cases where sexual minorities become internally displaced without having first sought assistance or information. Footnote The data collected by the Observatorio de Violencias Contra Las Mujeres of CDM indicates that the violent deaths of women that happened between January and June occurred in the following departments:. Victoria Dittmar. Interview questions posed to interlocutors were formulated in line with the Terms of Reference for the mission see Appendix 1.

    Footnote The moment that a woman presents a complaint of domestic violence, protection measures, as established within the Law against Domestic Violence and its Reformscan be applied by the police, the Public Ministry and the competent courts, including prohibiting the accused from visiting places that the complainant visits, removing the accused from the house of the complainant, confiscating any weapons, and placing the accused in prison for 24 hours.

    images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas
    Footnote In terms of reporting cases of domestic violence, Article 16 of the Law Against Domestic Violence and its Reforms provides the following: Article Footnote In addition, PLAN offers support to individual shelters, as needed, including operational support.

    Footnote Human rights defenders and journalists suffer a high level of aggression and rights violations, and face threats, harassment, persecution and criminalization. NRC's ICLA Programme assists people who are displaced as a result of violence, for example intrafamily violence, including with access to food, a temporary shelter, as well as assisting with one's relocation or, with the help of Doctors Without Borders, providing psychological care.

    Footnote Interlocutors also indicate that the state is not prepared to deal with internal displacement and victims are sent from one state institution to another in order to find a solution for their displacement, to no avail.

    Juan Carlos Montoya. Organization of American States (OAS). I work at the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI) – The OAS action arm for. support of the Permanent Observer Mission of Spain to the OAS (June .

    Honduras . Juan Carlos Montoya, RIAC Technical Secretariat, OAS.

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    and strengthening civil society participation in OAS activities and the Summits . C.

    Promote the role of the OAS National Offices in order to promote civil society . Permanent Mission of Honduras to the OAS Juan Montoya.
    Footnote At its office in Tegucigalpa, Casa Alianza offers a residential programme with comprehensive care for children between 12 to 18 years old in the areas of academics, psychology and physical health.

    images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas

    Mazariegos, Luis et al. The mission learned that sexual minorities have been targeted and killed. Ayestas Dr. The mission learned that mistrust in the justice system is widespread among the population.

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    There are no state-run shelters specifically for sexual minorities fleeing violence carried out by gangs, family members or state authorities.

    NRC has two programs in Honduras that provide information and legal assistance to displaced people, as well as educational programs.

    images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas
    Footnote In addition to requesting police assistance, the Municipality of San Pedro Sula is working with military forces, which patrol the invisible borders in order to ensure that the area of the technical school is more secure.

    Honduras Information Gathering Mission Report Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

    Footnote The same report indicates that of the 29 cases involving the deaths of sexual minorities that occurred between and April4 were prosecuted. Footnote Sources indicate that witness protection provided by the Public Ministry is inefficient, Footnote due to the lack of resources, for example. La Prensa. SDHJGD indicated that, although the protection program is only available for specific groups, some employees at the SDHJGD have assisted other victims of violence by providing them with information and advice on how to deal with their personal circumstances.

    Interlocutors indicated that there are large gaps in state protection measures, Footnote including in addressing violence against women.

    Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernández assumed the drug trafficker set for extradition: Carlos Arnoldo Lobo, alias “El Negro.

    Backed by the OAS, the Support Mission Against Corruption and This included suspected drug trafficker and Honduran congressman Fredy Renan Najera Montoya. In DecemberJuan Orlando Hernández of the Partido Nacional de . US Country Reports indicates that "[c]orruption and impunity remained serious The Organization of American States' (OAS) Mission to Support the Fight Against While the mission participants were in Honduras, Sherlyn Montoya.

    Thus, at a special session held on July 4,the OAS General Assembly resolved to . Isabel Rivero; journalist Pablo Sandino Martínez and assistants Gloria .

    OAS Member State Honduras

    Observation Mission on the Human Rights Situation in Honduras, Montoya, Presidential Advisor; José Francisco Funes Rodríguez.
    Rather than filing their complaint with the police, victims of crime carried out by criminal groups prefer filing their complaint with civil society organizations Footnote or CONADEH.

    Footnote According to ACV, requests made to the police to designate women police officers to protect the shelter have been declined, with the police giving excuses that there are other emergencies, or that the request has been sent to a higher level. Footnote 78 In addition, many families have been forced to give away their children to the gangs.

    April Local smuggling organizations are engaged in the legal and illegal movement of goods throughout the country and have international connections.

    images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas
    Juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas
    The joint mission met with Claudia Flores in Tegucigalpa on 7 April The mission learned that women and girls face various forms of violence and that violence against women and girls continues to be widespread across Honduras.

    Footnote State agents are also accused of causing displacement, often acting in collusion with criminal organizations and enterprises.

    images juan carlos montoya honduras mission to oas

    Ayestas indicated that in Honduras, domestic violence and intrafamily violence are problems. Footnote Casa Alianza works with: children who receive death threats from organized crime groups or gangs; children that have been or can be recruited by organized crime groups or gangs; children whose relatives are directly connected to organized crime groups or gangs; children experiencing sexual violence; children who were witnesses of a crime; and children affected by internal displacement or migration.

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    1. Footnote According to the National Institute for Women Instituto Nacional de la Mujer, INAMwhich is responsible for the development of policies to guarantee women and girls' rights in Honduras, Footnote the national emergency line of is [translation] "a successful tool that ensures that complaints about intrafamily violence are addressed as a priority matter and allows for adequate follow-up to each individual case.

    2. Footnote 92 In addition, gangs use children to transport drugs between areas Footnote 93 or to sell drugs Footnote 94 in schools, for example.

    3. Footnote Radio Progreso indicated that, according to Casa Alianza, there are 1 million youth in Honduras and that, while they are able to study or work, they neither study nor work.

    4. These reports are made available to the Permanent Council. The General Secretariat has provided a series of options for funding it.