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images isla gorgona y malpelo scuba

Source: Wills, Fernando et al. I went twice and I will be back no matter when. I am sure that one I can go to Malpelo and be amazed every time. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The island, noted for its many endemic species and unique ecosystems, was established as Gorgona Island National Park inin order to preserve its richly varied wildlife of the sub-tropical forest and the coral reefs offshore.

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  • images isla gorgona y malpelo scuba

    Gorgona. Appropriately named by Francisco Pizarro in for the numerous snakes that inhabit the Island.

    A former prison that is home to an incredible variety. Malpelo is not the only place in the Colombian Pacific with world class diving.

    The waters along the coasts of the lush green destinations Gorgona Island and the. Enjoy a great experience in malpelo island, diving with hammerhead sharks and sharks and giant whale sharks in Malpelo and Gorgona Islands in the Pacific.
    From plains and deserts with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius, up to mountain peaks where the weather is always kept below zero.

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    Botero Collection Haciendas cafeteras. My Self Reliance Recommended for you. Architectural, artistic and archaeological treasures Antioquia Botero Collection Haciendas cafeteras. La Gringa, El Sahara and David all boast strong currents and draw myriad hammerheads — and a select few robust divers.

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    Complejo Cultural de la Antigua Aduana. Southwest of Gorgona, there is another much smaller island called Gorgonilla.

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    images isla gorgona y malpelo scuba
    There was a lot of mating behavior also when I was there. Architectural, artistic and archaeological treasures. Sign in. Additionally Gorgona is a great place to relax on the sandy beach. Gorgona has dense tropical rain forest with small summits, few signs of civilization and has perfect waters for diving.
    Gorgona is a Colombian island in the Pacific Ocean situated about 35 km (22 mi) off the Colombian Pacific coast.

    The island is 9 km ( mi) long and km.

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    Currently we offer 2 Liveaboard vessels operating diving trips to Gorgona island National park in the Colombian Pacific. The Sea Wolf and Mary Patricia. Isla Gorgona is 35km from the Colombian Pacific coast and is best visited between May For many, the highlight of scuba diving in Colombia is Malpelo Island.
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    images isla gorgona y malpelo scuba

    The boat is comfortable and the staff very friendly but the best happens definitely underwater. This video is unavailable.

    images isla gorgona y malpelo scuba

    They also worked with stone tools and were goldsmiths. Inthe English pirate Bartholomew Sharpafter attacking Guayaquiltook over Gorgona calling it captain Sharp's island. Biodiversity Natural hazards Natural regions.

    Biodiversity Natural regions Protected areas.

    images isla gorgona y malpelo scuba
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    The organization by Ricardo Leon from Malpelo Tours was very good and communication easy and friendly. Diving in Malpelo was the best underwater experience I ever had. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding dive shops offering trips to Isla Gorgona?

    Gorgona became known as Colombia's Alcatraz Island. Gorgona is an incredible diving destination but has several dive sites that do not demand a lot of expertise and divers of all levels can dive there and experience some of the best diving in the tropical East Pacific.

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    1. Furthermore, one can find hammerhead sharkwhitetip reef sharksea turtlewhale shark and moray eel in the waters around Gorgona Island.

    2. Any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated. The island has an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

    3. Plus 4 or 5 Whale Sharks while diving. You can make this box go away Joining is quick and easy.